Unique.Mom – Exclusive

This is the most complete process within Unique.Mom

During this process, we will not only work with
your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
but also make a roadmap for the future.
So that you really start living your best life!

Do you recognize this?

You are an ambitious, busy mom and

  • You have the feeling that you have to and hear everything and that there is not much to want or to wish for.
  • You try your best to do everything perfectly and at the same time feel like you are falling short.
  • The confidence that you yourself are in control of your life has almost disappeared.
  • Your desires, wishes and dreams seem further and further away.
  • Your life now does not resemble the life you envisioned and that regularly makes you sad.
  • You sometimes miss your old life and your old self when you still felt carefree and free.
  • You no longer really enjoy your life, while you have everything your heart desires.
  • You often think: “Is this it?
  • You are not the mother, partner, and wife who wants to be.
  • It seems like something is holding you back from living your life to the fullest.
  • With everything you know and have learned you cannot change your life.

How would it feel for you if

  • You no longer keep yourself small in everyday life.
  • You no longer sabotage yourself, but you can finally be yourself.
  • You are free of your blockages, and you do what you like with pleasure and (self) confidence.
  • You finally break the frustrating vicious circle you seemed to be in.
  • You make your own choices again and no longer let yourself be influenced by the wishes and approval of others.
  • You feel cheerful, confident and relaxed.
  • You are in control of your life, without feeling pressure from yourself or outside.
  • You feel free in your choices and the things you do without experiencing the “must” feeling
  • You feel that what you are doing is more than good enough.
  • You live from love and enjoy your life.
  • Your life has color again and there is more room for spontaneity and fun

That is possible if you follow my extensive Unique.Mom- Exclusive trajectory!

This intensive and extensive 1 on 1 process consists of 2 phases.

During the first phase of this process, we will speak to each other live or online in an average of 4 – 6 weeks during a weekly session of approximately 2 hours. In which we remove your blockages to live and enjoy fully. You deal with everything that is holding you back and hindering you in your daily life.
I even give you a guarantee on this!

When we have cleared all blockages, it is time for the second phase of this process.
During the second phase, we will start working on your future in concrete terms to take steps in it, so that you will do more of what you enjoy and make you happy.

Together we determine your route.
What works and what doesn’t work for you, and above all: where do you want to go?
What is your best life!

The result of working with me is that

  • You live from confidence, relaxation, and pleasure.
  • You are convinced of your own strength, talents and possibilities.
  • You feel independent and independent.
  • You are aware of your own influence and choice in every situation. And choose the option that suits you best.
  • You no longer need procrastination, avoidance, or other excuses because your life is unimpeded, energetic, and enthusiastic.
  • You know how to turn your dreams and desires into reality with inspired actions.
  • You allow yourself to fully enjoy your life, together with your family and friends.
  • You live fully from trust.

During the second phase you will get:


More self-leadership


More trust


Rest more


More relaxation


More fun


More inner freedom


More control


More decisiveness


More energy


More creativity


More enthusiasm


More balance


Better luck


More fulfillment

This will ensure that the quality of your life increases enormously!

The method used during the sessions is Creatrix®.
This method has been specially developed for and by women and is fast, safe and sustainable.

Your investment

I want to be there with Unique.Mom for every woman, regardless of her situation and circumstances. That is why I strive to make the Unique.Mom – Exclusive program accessible to all women and mothers. That is why prices and agreements regarding payment terms for this program are tailor-made and in consultation.

It’s your time! Treat yourself.

General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Statement apply to the coaching.

In case of absence, the appointment must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. This can be done by e-mail or telephone. The time reserved for this appointment will not be charged.

What would it be like for you to work together?

And we will talk soon!

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