The summer holidays are over, relaxed ‘back to normal’!

One person is looking forward to it and for the other the holiday could have lasted a little longer.
But after 6 weeks of vacation, the schools, in our Western countries, will start again next Monday.
This means that many families are returning to rhythm and structure, back to normal.

Back to normal

Back to setting the alarm clock, taking children to and from school, preparing the drums for 10 am and lunch, playing with friends and the sports clubs it is all going to start again. Even for you as parents, the pressure at work often starts to increase again. Before you realize it, the hectic reigns within your family. Your intention to really hold on to the holiday feeling this year will be gone before you know it. And before the end of the month you are already looking forward to the next holiday.

And that’s not exactly what should happen. Because your children feel the restlessness, fatigue and stress of you as parents. And they often have to get used to everything that comes with the new school year.

I would therefore like to share a number of tips with you to go back to normal in a relaxed way.

Weekly schedule

It sounds a bit boring, but it’s an oh-so-valuable tip. Make a weekly schedule. A weekly schedule in which you make clear for each family member when who has planned what. Choose as much time as possible that is comfortable for you. Because how nice is it to make the planning together. This way everyone can provide his or her input.
When the planning is complete, look at it again critically.
Is this planning feasible? Is there a good balance between exercise and relaxation?
And make choices if necessary, add energizing and family activities, and dare to cut if necessary.

When drawing up your weekly schedule, also check when you need to arrange something extra for a birthday or party or the like.

Also schedule the household chores. And if the age of your child (ren) allows it, you can also give them (small) tasks such as clearing the table, clearing the room, etc.

And to complete the planning, you can immediately add the meals for the week.

This way, every family member has an overview and a shopping list can be drawn up immediately.
Overview often already gives a lot of peace.

Holiday activity

Keep the holiday feeling by continuing to do something that really belonged to your holiday after the holiday. Something where all of you can bring back that good feeling. This can be, for example, an activity, a snack or meal. And during those moments also retrieve the nice, cozy holiday memories.

Plan ahead

Make it easy for yourself and your family in the morning by preparing or putting the clothes, (sports) bags, lunchboxes and snacks ready as far as possible. That saves a lot of hassle and stress in the morning.

Me time

Don’t forget to plan ‘Me-time’. Whatever time of the week you can as a mother, but for fathers it is of course also allowed to take some time off. Just a real moment for yourself in which you will do something that really makes you happy and that relaxes and recharges you. That could be something small, a walk in the woods, a cup of tea with a good book or a magazine or a nice visit to a friend. It really doesn’t matter as long as you plan it in and it makes you happy.


Make sure you wake up rested. So that you are not already 1-0 behind when you get up and your fuse is short. As a mother, I know all too well that there are nights when things don’t work out. But don’t make it too late at night. And let your phone down :-).

Sincere attention

But above all, know that the first weeks of school for your child (ren) can be very intense and intensive. A different rhythm, learning and concentrating again, getting used to other teachers, a new group in which balance and ‘ranking’ must be found again. This process can take up to 6 weeks. This is really not always easy for a (highly) sensitive child and therefore demands a lot from the children.

This makes them more tired and emotions can run high every now and then. Which in turn manifests itself in tantrums and / or crying at home. Take this into account as parents. It is part of the game and it makes so much sense. It is part of the job to let off steam and discharge it at home in the familiar environment. As parents also understand it, let it be there and ask your child if they want to tell about it and if you can do something for them. Sometimes they can’t put it into words and they need nothing more than to feel the safety and security, a hug and your arms around them. Just get out of there before they get out. With sincere attention, that is!

Relaxed back to normal
I hope these tips make your “back to normal” process a bit easier.

I wish everyone a relaxed and happy start to the new school year!
Stay with Unique itself.
That is not always easy, I know from my own experience, but you are worth it.
And it makes your life so much more beautiful!

With kind regards,

Coaching for Ambitious Mothers www.unique.mom


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