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Individual Coaching

Whether you’re buying or selling a home with already installed solar power panels, GreenTech’s here to help!Our highly committed transfer team takes care of everything, giving you enough free time to get on with the other planning for your new home.One of the most important things you need to do is to inform us in advance while giving us your current and new residential address. Also, it’d be great to know if your new location has a centralized hot water supply or not…Immediately after that our team will be planning your moving..

Group Coaching

If you’re a person that enjoys the group kind of classes, then you’ll like just how efficient our health coaching center is.Here we are dedicated to focusing on all the important aspects that in total make up the general healthy lifestyle, such as both the physical training to keep you fit and also keep your dietary plan for improving the overall state of your health…

Vegan Retreats

When you feel like your health is endangered by your eating habits, and you’ve just really truly had enough of all the health problems that it brings, going vegan and cleansing your body from all harmful kinds of foods is the obvious step.Here we will help you make healthy dietary choices, and we’ll teach you how to both maintain those in a long term, for your overall health’s sake and how to at the same time truly enjoy it!

Yoga & Fitness Retreats

We offer a whole range of energy efficiency tips, provided both for small businesses and larger operations.At the end of the day, this will help your company cut on expenses and will help reduce the environmental impact of your business, converting it to an eco-friendly one.On this page, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of exactly how much you’ll be saving daily, monthly and yearly on your power consumption bills after you’ll have a GreenTech’s solar panel systems installed at your location…


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