Privacy Declaration

This privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data and has been drawn up in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You are free to read it in its entirety. But in short, I would like to indicate that any information I receive from you and through you is in safe hands with me.
I, Monique Ligthart-Hauwert, is the user of this privacy statement and responsible for data processing. The owner of Unique.Mom, located in Grootebroek, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 65623444.

Personal Data

Why I keep your data
Your contact details (such as name, e-mail, address, telephone number, and social media accounts) are for me and only for me. I use this to keep in touch with you about the way we go together as Monique van
Unique.Mom and client of Unique.Mom.
I only ask for your contact details after you say “YES” to working with me. If you decide not to do so after the orientation meeting, that’s fine. Then your data will disappear from my system.

Processing personal data

If you say YES to working with me (whether it concerns coaching, workshops, master classes or information moments or any service from Unique.Mom) then I will probably ask you for more information. For example in an orientation meeting, by means of a registration form or during a meeting. Everything written and said stays with me. I only ask about matters that are important to our cooperation. And should it be necessary or useful for me to pass on information about or from you, this is of course only with your permission.


I am required by law to protect your data. I do that as well. I don’t keep any of you on the internet. Everything we discuss via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger stays there and is protected by the privacy agreements to which we said Yes as users of those services. Mail and Whats app, SMS is in my devices. Only I have access to my phone, tablet and computer. These are protected with a password and / or fingerprint.
My sites (www.unique.mom) are shop windows, only for one-way traffic. I write and you read. You can’t interact with me there and I don’t store anything about you there. I am with one of the most reliable servers out there and rely on data protection.
As far as I know, I do not use cookies.

Not digital data

Sometimes I write something about you or keep something you made with me. I keep that in a locked cupboard. And I know where the key is hidden.
So you can rest assured that I will not share any of your personal data with others without your permission. Unless an administrative or legal obligation applies, or there is a court order. Let’s not assume that.

Periods for which I keep data

Because we already have enough to save in life, I will not keep your data longer than logical or necessary. Of course I adhere to the legal and fiscal obligations, such as the obligation to the tax authorities to keep invoices for 7 years. But otherwise I will not keep your data longer than necessary for the work I do with you.

Your rights

I respect your privacy anyway based on my professional ethics. You have the right to view, correct or delete your data at any time. You can always speak to me about this.

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