Last week I had a retreat day with my coach Debbie Bernasco. It was a fantastic day. It was a day full of rest, relaxation, and attention. Really a gift. I still glow and shine wonderfully from this day.

The theme of the day was desires.

Do you have desires?

What are your desires?

How do they make you feel?

Where do your desires lead you?

All questions that trigger something for me.

I have desires!

Big desires, small desires, for myself, for my family and my family. For my clients and the world. I can now also express my desires stand in front of them, I really feel them itching in my stomach.

That has not always been the case. In my previous job as a Registered Accountant and Risk Manager in Financial Services, I was also asked about my desires every year. Where I wanted to be in 1 year, in 3 years, and in 5 years. Perhaps you are also regularly asked that question by your employer. It always made me a little insecure, I didn’t know what to answer. I never really got a feeling or image about it. Of course, I wrote things down from my head, my ego. Because I was able to provide socially desirable answers. And I managed to achieve my goals by willpower. But now I know there was no desire behind it. I didn’t do what made me happy. I was good at what I did but it didn’t make me happy inside.

Nowadays I know very well where I want to be in 1 year, in 3 years and in 5 years.

And my desires are becoming clearer. I can picture it. I can feel it in my stomach. My desires really come to life in my mind.

Create space

To be able to realize your desires you will have to make room for your desires. I did that 4 years ago by choosing for myself and quitting my securities and well-paid job. By consciously choosing for myself, I have created space in recent years to let my desires emerge. I have done this, among other things, by developing myself personally, following training, lowering my armor, feeling, and admitting love for myself. Change my limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts. It has been a process of finding myself again, opening, receiving, and enjoying myself. To discover what I wanted, what makes me happy, and to really start living.

I started that process with a choice, a desire. In my case, the desire to start living the life in which I am happy. A life where I follow my heart instead of my head.
Vrijheid zonder obstakels


As humans, we often tend to look at the obstacles in our way.
Because yes, what if, how then, yes but, etc. By looking at the obstacles that arise from your thoughts, your beliefs, your environment, etc., you allow yourself to be distracted from your desires. Your feeling! That little flame in your stomach. That itch, that makes you feel energy, love, happiness. We are often so conditioned that we let go of our feelings and give our heads the opportunity to take over. And with that, our desires don’t come true, they fade, they don’t seem attainable and we let them go. And that sometimes happens to me too. I am also just a human being.

You are capable of more than you think

But what if you keep focusing on your desires. On your gut. What are you capable of?

I can tell you much!
For example, at the end of the afternoon yesterday, as part of the program, I stepped into an ice bath.

With a big smile. And I am not at all fond of the cold. In winter we like to hibernate in a warm country. And I love the sun. So cold is not my thing. But I didn’t feel the cold! I did not focus on the 120 kilos of ice cubes and the ice-cold tap water that the bath was filled with. No, I focused on my desires, my breathing. And off I went. I was wonderfully relaxed and even stepped in again. Without fear, without judgment and enjoyed.

What about your desires?

That is not to say that you should also take a seat in an ice bath.
But check for yourself:
Do you have desires?
And if so, what are your desires?

And what are you holding back?
What obstacles do you set up that hold you back from pursuing your desires?

Your desires as your compass

Give yourself a moment to think about this.
Reverie, fantasize, enjoy, and feel the love and joy when you think about your desires.
And let those feelings be your compass for manifesting your desires.

Be aware of the direction you are focusing on. And when you realize that you are more focused on the obstacles, go back to your desires.
That feeling, that tickle in your stomach, and you go on. And let yourself be surprised where you end up!

Is it now time for your desires?

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