Inspiration session for ambitious, busy mothers

The first step to more peace and relaxation!

You are a busy and ambitious mother. You have everything your heart desires, and you should be happy, but often you don’t feel that way. You feel rather tired and stressed and you constantly have the feeling of “must” in your head and in your body. And because of that feeling of “must”, you are always busy and there is little time left for you. You are therefore often not the mother who wants to be. You grumble more than you would like and you miss the pleasure in your life with your child (ren), your partner, yourself and in your work.

Do you also think life is not meant to be like that?


Do you want to enjoy your life, your children, your partner and your work again?


Would you also like a moment for yourself, for the fun things that provide relaxation and energy.


But don't you know how?

Then request a FREE Inspiration Session today!

In this 30-minute conversation, I watch a little with you
your first step to more peace, relaxation, and fun in your life
could be.
You will receive 3 tips or insights from me.

I have only 4 places in my calendar every week for this free Inspiration session.
In advance I ask you to briefly fill in a questionnaire in preparation.
So that we can both prepare for our conversation and the 30 minutes
can spend well.

Do you want a free Inspiration session with me soon.
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Do you give it yourself?
Do you give it to your children?
And your partner?

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