Creatrix® has been life-changing for me in every way! It seemed too good to be true … but everything Monique had told was true. Creatrix® works quickly, painlessly, and durably! I really feel relieved of all the ballast I carried with me for years. I notice it in everyday small and big things. Everything is actually easier and more relaxed. Monique has a lot of knowledge, sincerely makes the connection, and quickly gets to the essence of your blockages. I would like to wish creatrix® every woman!

~ Rianne

This is really something I would recommend to all women. You become a much more beautiful version of yourself! And it is permanent! I notice every day that I am less anxious, that I am so much more sure about myself, dare to make choices and so on. I’m like I did this. And Monique is really a winner, I really enjoyed being able to do this process with her.
Thank you Monique! You’ve changed my life!

~ Miranda


A Creatrix® process is really the best gift you can give yourself! Monique has contributed greatly to my success through her enthusiasm and positivity. She guided me very well and always asked the right questions to help me further. Now, after the process, I feel really different and I notice that I am much more sure of myself and have a lot of confidence in my future. It is highly recommended for every woman!


I can wholeheartedly recommend Creatrix® and Monique both! Do you have issues that you keep running into every time? Is something in your way, but you don’t know what? Creatrix® really helps you with this. It has helped me to finally put my issues behind me. Monique works with you in this process full of passion and enthusiasm. You immediately feel at ease with her. She is decisive, patient and understanding. If you really want to find that better version of yourself, please contact Monique quickly.

~ Anna

I really should have done this so much earlier? I was skeptical at first, it sounded too good to be true. Yet I gave Creatrix® the benefit of the doubt. And that really worked out so well! Monique guided me in the process so lovingly and enthusiastically and I feel so much more myself. I feel the fear of not being good enough, not being worth it anymore. And when I feel it, I can distance myself from it so much faster. I really came home to myself. I wish every woman this investment in herself! So don’t hesitate any longer and request a meeting with Monique, it’s worth it!

~ Sylvia

I have become more gentle with myself, have more confidence in myself and take much better care of myself. I now recognize the thoughts that hinder me and make a problem bigger and take them less seriously. Thank you Monique!

~ Karin

The Birth Chart session gave me many insights. I understand my son much better now.

~ Kim

Thank you Monique, thanks to you I feel much better about myself. I now create the moments for myself and experience how valuable that is. In addition, I am now much more relaxed, so I really am the mother to my children that I want to be. There is so much more peace in my life and that of my family. I should have done it much sooner! Thank you.

~ Suzan

I experienced the birth chart session as valuable. By “mapping” the pregnancy, the birth, and the period afterward in this way with Monique, a lot became clear.
It gave us insights and understanding not only regarding our daughter but also for ourselves. You are not aware of the impact of this period on the life of a person.
I am glad we took the step and I certainly recommend it to other parents.

~ Anne

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